How to enter the Concours

1. Select the Concours Display Area at the top of the page.

2. Select the class you wish to enter.

3. Click the 'Entry' button as shown in red in the image below.

4. Enter the model name in the text bar that says 'Give this entry a title'

Write the model in the format; Year followed by model. As shown below.

5. Select the small camera icon, as highlighted by the red box in the image below. Select the images you wish to upload on your computer or phone.


Images to be uploaded should be as follows.

3x Interior, a wide shot and the other's to include drivers seat and dash

3x exterior, front, rear and side

1x engine

1x your own choice (A wild card if you like, may be in a spectacular location or situation)

6. Add a description of your car below the photos. No more than 300 words about the history of the car and when it was acquired.

7. When you are happy with your entry, click on the Publish button at the bottom right of the page and your entry will be uploaded onto the site.

Good luck!

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